Unveiling the Stitched Horizons at Galerie BSL. A collection of six pebble cairs inspired by pristine landscapes and patterns in nature...
The exhibition is open until July 22.
An interview with Mojeh Magazine where Nada Debs expressed her belief towards craft as a feeling that goes beyond geography, language and culture...
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A city at the crossroads of the East and West, Beirut has been in artistic turmoil since the eraly 2000s. Design too has enjoyed this dynamic, and is even one of its most significant indicators.
Beirut, The Eras of Design Exhibition in Muda Clausanne offers a different look at design in Lebanon, from its emergence to the present day...

Nada Debs in collaboration with Galerie BSL will be showing the Gandhara Carapace table, created in collaboration with Studio Lel as well as our coming to life collection.
The Ganhara table's alchemy of colors is symbolic of two worlds coming together, a collaboration which is a testament to the fine craft narrative that connects communities and cultures.

Experience the beauty of a day in one sitting with our latest collaboration with That Concept Store...
Introducing the From Sunrise to Sunset Pebble Chairs-a-6-piece collection that captures the captivating colors and tonalities of the sun from dawn to dusk.

From the heart of Paris, Terroirs Insolites brings you the finest artisanal creations from Lebanon. We are proud  to showcase the heritage, creativity, and exceptional artistry of our talented craftsmen.
Nada Debs is happy to take part of this great intiative Beit Tamanna.s a dream-like guesthouse in the heart of Gemmayzeh, Beirut. Conceptualized by renowned 13 Lebanese and international designers and architects, who realized their unbounded visions for each of the eight rooms of the guesthouse. All proceeds from Beit Tamanna gotowards fulfilling the wishes of critically ill children from the ages of 3 and 18.
From Beirut to Peshawar...The merging of two cultures and a marriage of craft Nada Debs and Studio Lél recreate the signature Carapace table in an alchemy of colors,intricate patterns and architectural features inspired by Nada's visit in Peshawar
In Collaboration with INFINITI The Makers Series creates a stage for craftsmen who are redefining their traditional craft with new practices. Exploring Modern Japanese Luxury through the craftsmen stories, creating deeper connection between them and our cars. With the Internation Chapter bringing the Makers platform to the local marketswhere the spirit of Modern Japanese Luxury is embodied in their craft, philosophy and INFINITI is at the forefront of this.
Nada Debs will be exhibiting her accessories line at Creative Nation 961 under the patronnage of the Lebanese Business Council in Abu Dhabi in collaboration with the lebanese Embassy in UAE in partnership with Abu Dhabi Music & Arts foundation.
Kohler and global artist Nada Debs have partnered on a first of its kind installation for Design Miami.A modern interpretation of a tradional Middle Eastern hammam, this immersive experience features handcrafted tiles made from reclaimed waste materials and designed by Debs with KOHLER WasteLAB.
With her unique blend of Arab craft and Japanese-inspired minimalism, Nada Debs is one of the first regional designers who put the Middle East on the global design map. This is a big year for the designer who is celebrating 20 years of Studio Nada Debs. Not only has she established a second base in Dubai, but her work has also been featured in milestone projects around the world, from the UAE’s Mission to the UN in New York to the Arab League Hall in Cairo. Debs continues to push the boundaries of marquetry with her loyal team of artisans, imagining new products, patterns, textures and colourways as a means to keep ancient crafts relevant.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the brand, Studio Nada Debs is showcasing several collectible pieces at Downtown Design in Dubai Design District from November 9th to 12th, 2022. On display will be never before seen collectible pieces of furniture, as well as some signature pieces from the past. Nada and her team will be looking forward to engage, entertain, and educate exhibitors on the history of the brand and individual pieces.
In Collaboration with Artscoops and Agenda Culturel, AD leb is hosting an art and design auction at the Sursock Museum to raise funds for the Gaia Fadoulian Association that supports and provides shetters  for animals in need.
Studio Nada Debs is part of this great iniative where unique and limited editiions works by 28 artists and designers will be exhibited ahead of the live auction which will be conducted by auctioneer Edward Rising.
With Studio Nada Debs' continuous collaboration with UAE based NGO Irthi Council, the Zenobia collection of vases has been transformed into Totem stools for Milan Design Week 2022. This collection combines the traditional Emirati craft of hand-woven Talli with the signature Studio Nada Debs craft of marquetry inlay.
Studio Nada Debs is exhibiting the Distort Arabesque Sofa at Galerie Tanit for the État De Siegé design show, on display until June 25. This show gathers pieces from 20 Lebanese designers representing the evolution of the seat since the 1960's. The Distort Sofa is a seating concept inspired by the traditional Arab 'diwan', but distorted and disparate suiting the changes in Lebanese society over the years. It is part of the permanent display at the National Museum of Beirut.
Beirut: The Eras of Design is a new exhibition located at the CID Grand-Hornu in Belgium, running until the 14th of August 2022. The exhibition focuses on the different eras of design in Beirut and how they have lead to the dynamic designs coming out of the city today. Studio Nada Debs is showing various collection items, including the Now & Zen Bar that was in the studio during the Beirut blast of August 4th. Despite the volatile history of Lebanon, our designers continue to persevere
Studio Nada debs collaborated with the Invisible Collection for London Craft Week 2022 in their brand new gallery space in London, England. The topic in focus was the signature craft of Marquetry Inlay, in which the step by step process was showcased throughout the gallery. Additionally, Nada held a ‘craft conversation’ in which she discussed her “Cultural Influences through Craft & Design”.


Nada debs exhibited at the Ataya annual exhibition for humanity in collaboration with 81 Design and the Rose House organized by the Emirates Red Crescent. The Rose House stand is a subtle nod to the famous rose-colored mansion perched high above the city of Beirut.
Dedicated to adventure seekers and trailblazers, inspired by the elements of earth, water and fire "this new collection represents views of the horizon looking beyond mountain escapes, sunsets and sunrise, and the ocean in its vast glory,” says Nada Debs. Embossed geometric patterns, hand-crafted organic curves, and signature mother-of-pearl buttons accentuate the craft elements seen on the vide poche, coasters, and carafe leather holders. 
Showcasing the craft techniques of the land, along with the latest collections and bespoke designs by Nada Debs, The Vitrine is our latest space that connects the old and the new. Preserving the damages of the Beirut blasts and utilizing the ground-floor of the boutique to display craft objects that recount a human story, visitors from around the world are welcomed to discover this place called home through a series of storytelling installations.
Embracing geometric patterns and natural materials of wood and marble, set in a contemporary design, Nada Debs presents a new collection of Cigar Ashtrays called ‘Plug-Ins.’ Appealing to true cigar aficionados who relish the finer things in life, this new collection is an ideal gifting option for any occasion, offering a new way to revisit the spirit of oneness.
This installation work is inspired by Nada Debs’s signature mother of pearl butterflies inlaid onto concrete surfaces, where the  butterflies embellish, animate and bring to life the cold and dry concrete material elements as the main characters to tell the story of two. 
Nada Debs translates a contemporary aesthetic using traditional craft techniques for three bespoke collections of vases developed for The Flower Society. Each collection builds on a different concept tying the worlds of the two brands together.
The “On Belonging” collection created for 81 Designs features Crafted Pebble chairs and straw lamps, created by pushing the boundaries of craft, geography, art and community for a deeper sense of connection and compassion tied to homeland and history.
The “Life Cabinet”  is a re-imagined medicine cabinet created to facilitate user access during times of emergency. The cabinet brings together a slow meditative craft with rapid relief.
 Playing with basic geometrical figures has always been a highlight of Nada's work.The repetition of a simple pattern creates a product that can be used either as a desk set or as a set of trays.
By weaving the worlds of Talli and Marquetry together, Irthi and Nada Debs introduce the 'Zenobie collection' at Design Miami/Podium x Shanghai 2021. The collection initiates a dialog between two crafts from different worlds and interlaces them to generate an entirely new identity.
Unified under the theme “Breaking Boundaries”, the Cosentino Capsule Collection is envisioned as an ode to Dekton Slim, the new 4mm ultracompact material format born out of Cosentino’s commitment to innovation, sustainability and pushing the boundaries of surface design.
Objects that have been re-created out of the debris from our Studio. We have used our craft techniques as a way of connecting the broken pieces. We believe it is our way of #keepingittogether. 
After reflecting on the past year, we saw things from another perspective - distancing ourselves from the superfluous and gravitating towards the essential and the authentic.We have translated this into a collection by revisiting our products in shades of black and white.
The renovation of the Arab League Hall by International Designer Nada Debs, marks the beginning of a new era in design, dialogue and unity amongst the Arab states. Commissioned and funded by the Ministry of Presidential Affairs of the UAE, the renovation aimed at modernizing traditional elements while maintaining the essence of a distinctive Middle Eastern identity.
LJUV, a contemporary Middle Eastern collection with vintage geometry patterns for that time of the year when friends and family get together.
Fratelli Rossetti chooses the Furoi Salone to present a limited edition characterized by a heel co-designed with designer Nada Debs.
Discover a series of objects that are fun, light and humorous! Marquetry Mania explores once again the handcraft technique of marquetry, a playful and strong interpretation of another today living.